A Few Words About Us

We have allready 18 Years Experience like Business group - VIP group - Artistic group / Musicians and also all kind of trips....

We have almost all Sizes of Coaches ... Start from 15 to 53 Seats Mercedes Benz We also Organize Multi-day trips including accommodation ( Hotel )Restaurant - Local guide & EU guide... like France - English - Dutch - Italy - Farsi - Arabisch - Turkisch - Germany and ..... Chinese language. You will be transported with our luxury touring- cars.... We are reliable :)and you can certainly trust us.. Yours Sincerely 4 U TOURS


Company's Timeline


April: BusExpress expands bus services to Europe

March: Hotel services available on iOS and Android apps


August: BusExpress collects and releases customer ratings for bus companies

July: Major revamp is made to the BusExpress iOS & Android app

June: BusExpress expands bus services to Mexico


June: Bus and hotel package deals are available on mobile website

May: Search box for bus ticket booking is relaunched for an improved user experience


July: BusExpress releases mobile website for bus ticket booking

June: BusExpress opens second US office in San Diego, CA


January: Launch of industry-first bus and hotel package deals


February: BusExpress releases first-time affiliate program allowing website owners to sell bus tickets online


We begin selling tour services online


BusExpress starts selling bus tickets online (Sacramento, CA)