Our Services

We envision a world in which every person can fulfill their need for travel. A world where you can easily visit family and friends, commute to school and work, and explore the world. As humans, we have the urge to explore. By traveling, you can be closer to the people you love. You can also discover more about yourself and the world around you. By empowering travelers through various BusExpress services, we aim to create a more accessible world for everyone.


An intercity bus service is a public transport service provided by BusExpress to carry passengers significant distances between different cities, towns, or other populated areas. It can even compete with trains by providing a more flexible alternative.

Bus Rental with Driver

Chartering a bus can be the perfect North American transportation solution for any type of event. But before you can hit the road, you must pick out your new ride. BusExpress offers a variety of buses and qualified drivers.

Children Transportation

BusExpress understands the challenges facing busy parents today. Families that work full-time call us when they can’t pick up their kids, and we recognize the growing need for safe and reliable kid-friendly transportation.