Wi-Fi on Buses: How Often Does It Work In the United States?

The main selling point for bus companies is that taking the bus is cheaper than other means of transportation. The bus is still relevant today, but more and more, bus companies are focusing on new advantages to woo customers: modernized buses, more comfortable seats, and onboard Wi-Fi on the bus.

However, like many customers, we’ve experienced inconsistency with the onboard Wi-Fi on our trips: sometimes it works perfectly fine, but on other occasions there’s lag. We’ve also had to deal with buses where the advertised Wi-Fi didn’t work at all, which forced us to spend time admiring the scenery.

You might not always have an excellent Wi-Fi experience on your bus trips in the US but at least the odds are in your favour that the power outlets can charge up your electronic devices with nearly 75% of our users telling us that the power outlets were properly working.

We surveyed thousands of our customers and those who has recently traveled with major bus operators in the United States. They answered a two-question survey that allowed us to understand their perception of Wi-Fi quality provided on the bus trip and as well as the availability of functional power sockets.


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2 days ago

Thank you for such an interesting article! I sincerely hope that the situation with Wi-Fi in American buses will improve to the level of your service.

2 days ago

Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that our Wi-Fi communication services work fine.

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